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Amar Fayaz BuriroAmar Fayaz Buriro is a highly accomplished language engineer, linguist, author and lexicographer of Sindhi language. Currently he works as Project Director in Department of Culture, Tourism, and Antiquities for the government of Sindh. He previously served as an Information Technology specialist for the Sindhi Language Authority where he was responsible for Sindhi computing and the development of a Sindhi Codex for advanced language engineering. Amar was the creator of the first Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system for the Sindhi language, as well as the largest dictionary portal for the Sindhi Language Authority
Amar is also the founder of the Abdul Majid Bhurgri Institute of Language Engineering in Hyderabad. He is a local guide & localizer for Google Inc. in promoting Sindh's cultural heritage and tourism, helping with geo-tagging, creating 360-degree virtual reality tours, and disseminating information about cultural heritage sites.
Earlier, Amar held leadership positions in the field of Information Technology, including serving as the Head of the Department of Information Technology at the Newports Institute of Communication and Economics, an Information Technology consultant for the Geo TV network, and the CEO/Owner of eSpread Multiplication, a web development company. Throughout his career, Amar has been dedicated to bringing the latest technology to the service of major Pakistani languages, such as Urdu and Sindhi. He created the first web-based Nastaleeq font "Amar Nastaleeq" and localized the world-renowned CMS Joomla & WordPress for Urdu and Sindhi. He manages over 85 multilingual web portals using advanced programming.
In 1997, Amar compiled Pakistan's largest English-to-Sindhi dictionary, establishing himself as a language expert. He has also been recognized for his literary contributions on cultural, social, and philosophical issues, having written over 150 blogs and articles for BBC Urdu & Alami Akhbar.
Recognizing his services Culture Department, Government of Sindh has awarded him "Latif Award" the Sindh's most prestigious award in 2017, and Sindh Graduates Association has awarded him Gold Medal for his dedicated services.
With a passion for spreading peace, love, and harmony, Amar is a creative idealist who embraces challenges and is dedicated to excellence.

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